Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Spring 2014 PHI Schedule of Classes

Spring 2014
The spring course schedule is out. Priority registration begins October 31. You can see the spring schedule of courses on myNKU and I attached a poster to this email. We are offering a number of 300-level PHI courses you are sure to find interesting.
  • PHI 302 Research Ethics: Ethical, legal, and public policy issues stemming from scientific research. Pence MWF 12:00-12:50
  • PHI 304 Zen: Foundational and developmental exposure to the fundamental and essential teachings of Zen. Miller M 6:15-9:00
  • PHI 309 Global Ethics: How ethicists from many cultures do ethics from their unique cultural perspective. Kenney ONLINE
  • PHI 315 Knowledge and Reality: Differing views on the nature of knowledge and reality. Garns TR 12:15-1:30
  • PHI 320 Social and Political Philosophy: Nature and purposes of the state, grounds of political obligation, freedom and its limitations, human rights, social justice, and selected contemporary issues. Frimpong-Mansoh MW 2:00-3:15
And for the first time we are offering a special study abroad experience in Greece. Students who take PHI 394 Study Abroad--Greek Philosophy will spend two weeks in Greece--the birthplace of Western philosophy--during the last two weeks in May. (See attachment) In the course students will critically examine the issues and ideas that confronted the Greek philosophers at the advent of Western philosophy, and come to appreciate the cultural context in which they appear. Hancock TR 1:40-2:55. We are waiving pre-requisites for the course and it will count toward the philosophy major requirements. You don't need to be a philosophy major to take the course and travel to Greece; the course is open to all students; please tell your friends. We should have an estimate on the cost in the next few weeks. Contact Nancy Hancock ( or me ( for more information.

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