Friday, July 12, 2013

Professor Retires

Some of our friends of the Philosophy Program might have heard already that Professor Bob Trundle has retired this summer. We was a member of the university for 26 years and taught a wide variety of courses for our program.

Prof. Trundle was scheduled to teach several courses in the fall and over the summer we worked to cover many of those classes. We will cancel the Existentialism course (PHI 305) for this fall but plan to offer it again next fall. Nancy Hancock will cancel her PHI 360 Environmental Philosophy course and take over Dr. Trundle's PHI 280 History of Ancient Philosophy class. The general education classes will all be offered as scheduled.

Those still looking for PHI classes should consider PHI 311 Philosophy of Women, PHI 350 Philosophy of Religion, PHI 375 Ethical Theories and PHI 394 Philosophy of Love. All of these have seats remaining.

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